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Monday, May 13, 2013

Steppin' it up

after numerous attempts in my mind to jog my creativity, i figured that i should just start writing on this blog that already exists. so here we are. no one needs to be paying attention but i believe it is probably beneficial to write anything at all, anytime.

i am killing time today before i go to meet some friends to plan an exciting, toddling time in the form of a great gatsby party at the beautiful and historic haviland club here in charlottetown. spazzy would be a great way to describe my excitement about this. i have my copy of the great gatsby for inspiration and i feel like i am doing more research for this than i usually would for a school project. perhaps party planning is my calling... but i think only if it somehow involves literature, dancing, history, or interesting art/artists. of course i have already thought of either teaching or getting someone to teach the charleston so that people will actually attempt to dance in an old fashioned fashion.

excellent. well now, i think that i should do the required face-washing and hair-maneuvering to feel presentable to leave the house. it begins.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

my favorite teapot

i call her rosie.
she provides some nicely brewed tea to keep me warm in cold winter months.

hey howdy

upon this saturday, it has come to my attention that i need to create a blog for my 'management information systems' class. this being the case, here we are. i am not a fan of using capitalization when i can avoid it and since this is my blog, it shall be avoided.

the next order of business is a short biography of me, myself and i. here goes:

i was born in wyoming where my father was stationed with the forest service. within two short years we were moved to a tiny town in northeastern oregon where we stayed until i was in the middle of first grade. i liked it there.
then we moved to connecticut (also known as ct) since my grandparents and uncles, etc. all still lived in new england. i did not like it there. it is a very pretty place but rather expensive and in many places rather uptight and grouchy. i spent the majority of my childhood dreaming of the fabulous places that i would travel to and foreign lands i would live in when i grew up.
after high school, i wandered about and wasted my time at a few different mall jobs until i became a ballroom dance instructor. it was a fun and fairly fulfilling job but my brain got bored. so i decided it was time to go to a college in boston and get my grades up to pursue some sort of education. after two years there i set my sights on montreal, most specifically at concordia university. it seemed like the most vibrant, exciting, and foreign city that i could move to and still be within a day's drive of my parent's house.
i loved montreal! i sometimes loved concordia. the women studies program was amazing. i will never forget the awesome teachers and experiences i had there. i made some fast friends the first semester that have stayed with me ever since.
right before i moved to montreal, i started a band with my two best friends from ct. we continued to play when i moved to montreal since it wasn't too far for me to drive down fairly often. after a few years the band really took off and we toured across the usa and western europe. this was an invaluable and fantastic experience. it interfered with my studies though and i ended up taking some time off from school and then eventually leaving the band to get back to school and the rest of my life.
i graduated from concordia in the spring of 2010 with a bachelor of arts in political science and women studies.
meanwhile i had been spending every summer and most other free time in pei for about 12 years. i missed the country and beaches and knowing people that you see in the street so i decided it was time to move here fulltime.
in the winter of 2011 i started a bba at upei so that i could pursue the dream of running my own event space someday. and so that brings us to today, tadahhh!